HTTP 0.2 A sane web protocol is not an oxymoron

HTTP 0.2 (ie., HTTP 2.0 / 10)

Less is really more.

A minimalist and sane subset of HTTP that maps well to 9P and encompasses the best RESTful practices.


While being simpler than HTTP 1.1 by ignoring all the unused and clunky bits, define conventions that would allow us to replace most of the functionality of:

Should be possible to implement a server using existing frameworks, eg., CGI. Writing new implementations from scratch should be trivial without depending on any external library.

Backwards compatibility:

Sub-standards (pun intended ;))

Parts of the HTTP 0.2 standard:

Pre-existing components we can reuse

Things we should try to avoid

We should only define new headers if no alternative is possible.

Things we must kill (if we can)

This is a wishlist of horribly complex and mostly useless HTTP ‘features’ that should die:

Open questions


Cookie/Set-Cookie is the worst specification ever. So many stupid details and broken aspects smashed into one tiny little header.” - Ian Bicking

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